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"RD ENTERPRISE" an Solar EPC company We :
  • Aim to supply a high quality and versatile service to all our clients, delivering the best value at all times whilst continuing to develop our people skills through advance training opportunities.
  • make continuous improvements to our services and people - a prime factor in our continual success.
  • operate an open and honest relationship with all of our clients and this includes joint decisions making processes, agreed objectives and anticipated goals.

Customer Care:

  • "RD ENTERPRISE" believes that customer (client) satisfaction is an important key to the success of our business
  • Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and repeat business by providing electrical solutions that conform to agreed requirements
  • "RD ENTERPRISE" has built its relationships with partners, associations, clients, contractors, and employees
  • The code of conduct at "RD ENTERPRISE" stems from traditional values within our workforce. Trust, honesty and understanding encompass many of our beliefs and for your own peace of mind we have implemented the following and will endeavour to:
  • Be polite, friendly and courteous
  • Maintain a high stand of professionalism
  • Carry cooperative and flexible attitudes
  • Acknowledge concerns
  • Be informative
  • Listen to feedback

Client satisfaction & feedback:

At "RD ENTERPRISE", we are constantly working to improve our quality of service to our customers.
In order to maintain our continuing high standards we issue a customer satisfaction report on all completed projects that our customers may complete and return. This way we constantly monitor the quality of workmanship through to the quality of management.


Generate Electricity

Electricity produced by your solar system will be subtracted from your electricity bill, generally at the same rate to what you pay or similar, depending on the size of the system and which electricity retailer you are with. The introduction of Feed in Tariffs in some places ensure that  owners are paid a premium for the solar electricity that they produce.

Be a Leader

With ever growing awareness of the issues regarding climate change, there are significant advantages for businesses who are seen to be taking a proactive approach to reducing their impact. Solar power is a great option as not only is it a highly visible and well known method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it will also give ongoing cost reductions rather than continuously costing money like many other environmental options.

Reduce Emissions

By installing a solar power system you could save tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year and make a huge cut in your carbon footprint. Solar power is a simple, effective and tangible way of making real change by reducing the amount of coal fired electricity you need without any loss of amenity or quality of service. 


Investing in a PV solar power system involves significant initial capital costs so it is important to understand the financial aspects of such an initiative. In addition to the money you will save on your energy bills, there are a number of government incentives available to help ensure that your investment pays for itself as soon as possible. 


Solar Power systems are a depreciable assest which reduces ongoing operating costs by reducing the amount of electricity required from the grid, especially during expensive peak periods. The benefit of this depreciation will vary for different businesses.

Create Jobs

Renewable energy technologies have been found to create twice as many jobs as fossil fuel technologies for the same amount of electricity produced. By supporting renewable energy you can help to create more jobs in this interesting and growing field.

Intangible Benefits

In addition to the financial incentives listed above, there are a wide range of intangible, non-financial benefits associated with solar power. The most important of these is the environmental, pollution reduction benefits. Other benefits include: early adopter leadership advantage, marketing opportunities, increased energy independence and educational value.


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