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MULTYBOND is our innovative chemical compound and its uses are :-
  • Water Proofing-cum-Heat reduction coating on Building (Roof and external walls).
  • Heat Reduction coating on any surface
  • Rust Prevention cum heat reduction coating on metalic surface
  • Heat reduction coating cum protective coating on FRP, PVC China Moasic, Wood, Marble,etc.
  • Multybond can be applied on any surface.


This Product is a unique combinatiion of various high grade chemical compounds, which, when dries after application , looks pleasant shining white and becomes strong enough to protect the surface, where it is applied, from all the atmospheric variations and as a result the surface gets long life along with its beauty.


  1. Waterproofing-cum-heat reduction coating on any surface such as roof, wall, water tank, swimming pool, china mosaic, tile, ceramic tile, marble, kota stone, granite, etc.
  2. Rust Prevention-cum-heat reduction coating on metallic surface such as train top, bus top, metallic sheet, GI sheet, Aluminium Sheet,etc.
  3. Protective coating-cum-heat reduction coating on Wood, FRP, PVC, Plastic, Stone, Marble, Kota Stone, Asbestos, etc.
  4. Joint/gap filling compound.
  5. Over Coating on painted surface such as internal/external walls,(with heat reduction) ceiling, (The benifits of over coating are it increases the beauty, life span of the surface and it beacomes dirt/stain free and also easily washeable)
  6. Beautiful shining and long lasting heat reduction paint on any surface


  1. The basic colour (after mixing) of this product is white which when applied on any surface reduces transmission of heat, prevents leakage, seepage and also enhances the life span of the surface.
  2. To get shade, add stainer.When stainer is added, it loses partially the heat reduction capacity but all other characteristics remain intact.
  3. This Product when dries, after application, becomes stain free, perfect rust preventive, water proof, not getting faded, does not get peeled off nor forms flakes and reduces heat transmission.
  4. The Application of this compound is by Brush/Roller/spray and hence it can be applied anywhere very easily and effectively.
The buildings shown above are coated with our Multibond
We want to appoint district-wise stockists-cum-applicators through-out India. Interested parties may contact us.


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