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You may not know this about the color of your ceiling, but over time, it will turn shades of yellow. Yellowing of the ceiling can be caused by sunlight, house moisture, candles, smoke, cooking oils and other everyday wear and tear. Its one of those things that you never notice, since it is a gradual shift. Once you see it though, you wont be able to ignore it. 

When you decide to paint your ceiling, you will be amazed how much brighter and whiter the entire room becomes. Most customers have our house painters paint the ceiling when we do the walls or trims so that everything looks new and fresh. The final result will have the room smelling and looking like new. 
I understand how stressful it is to start a project in your home but choosing my solutions will give you time and save you a lot of money. I always provide my clients with the personalized attention they deserve and customize my services to their requirements and individual needs. My painting service is available at very reasonable rates and always comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Hiring me is the key to completely achieving your design ideas. Put your trust in my creativity, and get the home of your dreams. 

Why Choose Us?

When you phone or email us, we will promptly respond no ignored calls or emails. Our painting proposals are thorough, specific, and we welcome any follow up questions that you might have.

Our professionals are constantly evaluating the quality of their work as the job progresses. Be assured, the finished product will be up to your expectations and our high standards.

All labor and materials are covered. No excuses. We stand behind our work.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to top levels of workmanship, and a sense of professional and friendly service.

Farhana Decorators has been a part of hundreds of room transformations, bringing character and breathing life into dead, boring spaces. Do you have a space that needs sprucing up? We all deserve to live in beautiful spaces that greet us when we come home after a hard days work, rooms that make us feel like we can relax and be comfortable. The place we call home needs to represent your style -even make you feel proud. A pleasing place where memories are made. Is this what your house feels like when you walk in? If it isnt, let us work with you to create a space that does.


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