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Plot No. A-114/115, Krishna Industrial Estate, Opp. BIDC, Gorwa, Vadodara-390016.

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"ABHI MOTORS" Established in the year 1995.We are the authorised Distributors of BRC Gas Eauipment World No.1.
Our team is capable of installing CNG conversion kits, providing CNG kits and relatedspare parts. With 5 years of experience we can install these kits in any vehicle. We are well known for the comprehensive range of safety and standard approvals of our products & services.

Why us?

We are government approved firm, providing high quality CNG kits. Our products have been successful in buses, cars, and other automobiles.Our CNG kits help in fuel saving, lower emissions and increased engine performance. CNG is now highly adopted in all metro cities in India.
If you are looking for best fuel saving option, CNG is the answer. Eco Gas CNG kits will only make your vehicle run at its peak performance. With Eco Gas CNG kits you will feel a crisper throttle response. The engine will idle smoother with less down shifting, lower exhaust emissions, less black smoke and FEWER STOPS AT THE PUMP.
When one looks at the return for their investments, we believe that ECOGAS-Systems is the best choice.
This is a right step for lowering harmful exhaust emissions for clean environment and a great way to SAVE MONEY on fuel.


Petrol and diesel vehicles pollute envirement by releasing harmfull gases like Nitrus Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Hydro Carbons. These gases are responsible for thousands of premature deaths around the world and effect other living things. Majority of people convert their cars to CNG for financial reasons, it is worth remembering that you are also giving your contribution towards working for a clean & Green Environment. One of the greatest issues of our age is climate change, and we can all play a part in protecting our environment and our health by choosing better fueling options for our motor vehicles.


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