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L-26, Glaxo point, Ambad MIDC, Nashik

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Paramount Enterprises ‘PE’ was established in 2004 in Nashik,India. 'PE' is a leading manufacturing industry in all types of Resistance Welding Spares and Consumables required in Weld shop, Auto Industries, Switch-Gear and Electronics Industries all over India.

Paramount Enterprises is engaged in manufacturing of CrCu, BeCu electrodes, holders, flexible shunts, washers (Cu), fibre washers and all spares required for spot welding guns. FRP coating on PSW/IT guns in body shop. Our outstanding feature is we insulate gun arms in the field only.

Paramount Enterprises is the fastest growing industry in both areas. The success of this growth is primarily due to the excellent technical understanding of the applications and adopting to the best manufacturing practice to ensure high quality standards.

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