Magician Ashoka Roy

32, Padmavatinagar, Nr. Rangsagar Flat, P.T. College BRTS Bus Stand, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007.

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We hope, you Enjoy Magic; Love Magic and now Learn Magic and then you will get joy and much more fun in performing magic.

Enjoy the show Enjoy Learning magic… after all; you will be the star Magician…!!

Magician ASHOKA ROY (Alias Dinkar K. Thakkar, M.A., P.G.DB.A.) and all his family members are well educated. His son, Magician ASHOKA (Nimesh D Thakkar, B.B.A., MCSE, MCDBA,) is member of Australian Society of Magician Inc., Melbourne Australia since last 5 years.

It is good luck that Magician ASHOKA ROY with wife, Kalpana Thakkar, B.A., B.Ed., D. Lib., Lady Magician Vaishali is M.A., and Rakhi, Electronic Engineer -all are in Melbourne at present.

They all have one National and International level so many awards, prizes and certificates in India and abroad as Star & T.V. Artists. They are all Master of Illusions and able to make things vanish or produce the most amazing objects, as if from nowhere.

Magician ASHOKA ROY is on tour to Melbourne Australia for few months, having brilliant talents and long experience of professional Magic line – more than 35 years, for performing approx. 1500-2000 Magic shows as well as Teaching Magic Art to all – young’s, olds and children.

Let us take a chance to learn and enjoy Magic tricks of cards, coins, puzzles and mind reading with ASHOKA ROY. Besides Magic, he has also worked for about 30 years as Marketing Officer with GSFC Ltd., in India.

He is a founder President of All India Magic & Music Association. Ex. Programme Director: “Magician’s Association”, Rajasthan (Jaipur) and General Secretary: “Gurjar Magic & charitable society”, Ahmedabad (India)

Please do contact him if you wish to learn something new fantastic Magic tricks in life- either as a hobby or earning name & fame. 



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