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Leomore® is a well-organised leading company for the rubber-based automotive products. Integrating engineering rubber products used in cars, we have gone miles away in serving automotive industry and yet to reach the peak by serving each and every car running on the road. The company has the policy of reinvestment which means invest the surplus in the resources to generate the better equipped and larger company profile.We hire the industry experts and experienced engineering services to make our carproducts specific and designer both in terms of quality and durability. We have highly skilled professional team who understand the value world class facility to serve the market. Moreover, our hit customers are the most requestors and seeking for the quality products at the lower charges. For this, the company has hired retail agencies to serve the Indian market at the broader level. Our brand is the first choice of retail partners.
We are aimed to become the leading company and supplier brand for automobile parts with the extraordinary quality and ultimate specifications. Our motto is to see our products running on the road beating all the competitors behind. We are constantly upgrading the features of our products to achieve our short -term as well as the long-term goals and to be the largest automotive company across the globe for rubber products.
In long-term, we have planned to be more specialist and technologist for new generation automotive industry. Our vision comprises both narrative and superlative.Entering into some new products, we are focused for maintaining the current level and be more facilitative with our upcoming ideas. Pacing the race of competition, our master plan revolves around product quality and customer satisfaction.
Our company is a hub of all car parts of different designs and specifications. One will get all parts having different designs for different cars in bulk at one place and that is our company. Having a wide range of rubber parts and car products, we are centredto furnish all varieties of the car parts running on Indian roads. Moreover, our vast rubber products for car series are liberal to face the weather harshness with the less wear and tear.
Having the experience of years, our products and services are non-compatible by other competitors. With the least manufacturing cost, we have retail store partners who also work as fitters for our given car parts.It is only our working experience which builds the better understanding of mango peoples’ requirements and industry mobility. We are completely aware of that what technology means to this sector and using our past experience, our dedicated engineers are serving the industry future of rubber products in all car.


Choose from the vivid designs at different price ranges and warranty period from our one-stop car parts solution.Behind customer satisfaction, we keep quality at the priority. We provide certain warranty duration for our products. Check out our catalogue to know more about our products which also contains the description of the product. We test every automotive part before issuing same to the market. Our products aredesigned by industry expert engineers who have experience as well as professional skills of adding the latest features and creative design in existing automobile parts. Moreover, we modify the product as per customer specifications. We generate all automotive parts and assemble those at one place for deep examination before sending them to retail store partners. Being as the preferred supplier of the market for automotive car rubber products, we believe in using branded quality material to generate our specific products. We removed the outdated manufacturing products as well as system with the new and latest technology to the industry.
Here, our customers will get the integrated as well as scattered rubber products for all varieties of the cars.Having trusted goodwill of the brand, the Leomore brand is serving specific targeted customer area to fulfil their requirement with the best quality products. The brand accomplishes all levels and standard principals of global product and marketing before serving the market or issuing any specific product. Moreover, our brand offers better productivity, reduction in cost, longevity, reliability and all such standard in each and every product.
Comprising all ethical business practices, our charges varied for each product tag. We believe in timely delivery of components to end-users for the ultimate customer satisfaction. Each product is a reflexion of engineers’ deep efforts and dedication. There is no space of doubt in our brand as every product goes through the deep examination before market arrival.
Our skilled manpower and quality policy lead us towards the high path of the industry products. We are capable of generating simple to complex products as the requirement of the market competition. Moreover, our automobile products are liberalised enough to get customization according to specific needs of the individual customer. Get the premium rubber automotive products today to enhance the functionality and performance of your car. Stay relaxed and cool by availing our branded products!


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