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"AYUSHKAMIYA AYURVEDIC CONSULTANCY" was founded by Vaidya Aditya Parekh in the year 2009. vaidya Aditya Parekh completed his Ayurved studies from the very renowned institute, Akhandanand Ayurveda Mahavidhyalay, Ahmedabad than after he got a very precious opportunity to get furthure knowledge of Ayurveda from great great late Shree Bhaskar hardikarji vaidyaraj, Ahmedabad.
The best thing is we make medicine ourselves particularly for every patient. we believe that the same medicine cannot be applied for all the patients as each and every case is different. hence we provide customized Ayurvedic medication to our patients.we develop medicines as per the illness and prakruti of the patients. we make medicine, which are very unique & specific for each other & every patient. along with medication PROPER DIET (PARHEJ) and LIFE STYLE is also advised, which would help in easy recovery of the patient and develop a healthy body for the rest of their life. this is equally important.
it is our speciality that we can treat any disease, with satisfaction by pure Ayurvedic medication. & we have treated several chronic, rare & impossible conditions successfully in which doctor have lost their hope. this has been possible due to the genuine specialised and authentic Ayurvedic medicines developed & provided by us.
My nephew Ansudhar 11 yrs old was hurt on right hand elbow. For that we consulted 3 specialist doctors and Hard vaid also in Surat and also did medication as advised. But there was no relief in pain. So one of doctors suggested us to go for operation. Therefore we came to ahmedabad and consulted 4 different orthopadic doctors here and again did x- Rays, M.R.I and laboratory reports. According to reports no infection or fracture was diagnosed. But even after taking all the the medications the pain was not getting controlled and pain was really at its worst stage. Doctors even admitted ansudhar and gave some injections also to control pain. But still no relief was seen so now they advised us to go for BYOPCY report doubting cancer. So family members were scared so much. So now as last hope we consulted 2-3 vaidyas and started medication of vaidya Adityabhai with full faith and followed all his instructions and came for regular follow up also. He gave oral medication, did nasya karma, and jalo karm and also gave us confidence also. And today Ansudhar is all fine and family members are surprised and also happy and their faith in ayurvedic treatment has also increased so much...thank you




Ayushkamiya ayurvedic consultancy was founded by vaidya aditya parekh in the year 2009. vaidya aditya parekh completed his ayurved studies from the very renowned institute, akhandanand ayurveda mahavidhyalay, ahmedabad than after he got a very precious opportunity to get furthure knowledge of ayurveda from great great late shree bhaskar hardikarji vaidyaraj, ahmedabad.

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